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Raga Vagadeeshwari | Shashank Subramanyam | Ragam Tanam Pallavi | Music of India

Raga Vagadeeshwari | Shashank Subramanyam | Ragam Tanam Pallavi | Music of India

Uploader: darbarfestival

Duration: 7:52

Date: November 21, 2014

#darbarfestival | Young virtuoso Shashank Subramanyam showcases his astonishing range of techniques on the venu (Carnatic flute), elaborating an upbeat version of Vagadeeshwari.
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Learn more about the music:

Born to a biochemist father in the extraordinarily musical village of Rudrapatna, Shashank Subramanyam started learning early in life. He mastered all 72 Melakarta scales by the age of two-and-a-half, prompting a research team to study his prodigious talent. His first musical immersions were with singing and violin, but he fell in love with the venu flute as soon as he picked it up, focusing on it from that point onwards.

Initially he taught himself, but soon entered the gurukul as a student of legendary flute maestro T.R. Mahalingam. His guru insisted that he should continue his vocal training, and avoid listening to other top masters of the day in order to develop his own style. The approach worked, and his tireless study led to the creation of new forms of gamaka and breathing techniques. He has incorporated overblowing and novel hand positions, and immersed himself into the grammar of Hindustani music too, frequently collaborating with artists from the North. Over the past decade he has worked with artists including Paco de Lucia, Terry Riley, and Remember Shakti, and is today recognised as the finest venu exponent alive. Listen to more of Shashank here:
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Vagadeeshwari is a lively Carnatic raga, mixing two Ga swaras for an elevated mood. It is the 34th melakarta [parent scale] raga, so has seven notes in ascent and descent, taking the swaras SR₃G₃M₁PD₂N₂S. Great composers including Thyagaraja and Muthuswami Dikshitar have written using its framework, although it is somewhat uncommon today. It is somewhat similar to Hindustani Raag Jog with shuddha Dha added, and with a looser mixing of the two Ga swaras.

Recorded at Darbar on 21 Sep 2014, at London’s Southbank Centre
-Shashank Subramanyam (venu)
-Akkarai S Subhalakshmi (violin)
-VV Ramanamurthy (mridangam)
-G Guruprasanna (kanjira)
-Kiruthika Nardaraja (tanpura)

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